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Brain Awareness WEEK 2018

Here you can find events of the Brain Awareness Week 2018 (March 12-16) in Austria. Under the patronage of DANA/EDAB, this is a world-wide activity devoted to our brain. Please note that for some of the events, preregistration is required.




Dear ANA Member!

We are pleased to introduce our new Website, which comes together with a membership management program. It offers more opportunities for News and Blogs, and it will be a great help in managing our association. The Website has 3 levels of access: (1) Open for the general public (2) Open for all ANA Members (3) Open for ANA Board Members. 

Hence, your first step will be to register as a member. To do so for the first time, please follow instructions on the page Member Website Options. Once you are logged-in you should complete your personal profile. You will also see the fields "Sponsor Name" and "Sponsor Email" which you don't have to complete if you are member already. Your profile will already show whether you are up-to-date with your annual dues. For your convenience you can now pay membership and registration fees by Credit Card, in addition to online banking. You may see and comment ANA News and how to contribute to ANA blogs.

We do hope that primarily with your engagement, with the use of this Website, but also by taking advantage of Social Media, ANA succeeds in setting up a vivid, interactive Neuroscience community.

We would like to thank our previous ANA Secretary Gerald Obermair who - with great enthusiasm and dedication - has not only set up the previous Website a long time ago, but who also maintained it for many years. We also like to thank Marco Treven for his indispensible help in setting up, and getting acquainted with, the new program.

We have updated the Search function for our Directory. If you visit the Directory and use "Advanced Search" you should now be able to find cities, institutions, and "keywords for research interests". In order to make this a useful function I am urging all members to update their personal profile (mentioned above). Please note that the directory is only visible to ANA Members.

Recollections from the 15th ANA Meeting

With close to 200 participants, 6 Plenary Lectures, 4 Minisymposia, 85 Posters, and 17 Orals,  our 15th Annual Meeting at the IST Austria was the largest and probably the most interesting Meeting (as we read from feedbacks) ANA has organized. This is mainly due to the many excellent contributions, both voluntary and by invited speakers. Read more on the Events Page.

Please note that F1000 Research offers the opportunity to submit your poster or slides for publication on the F1000 Research Website. You may visit the Website for further details.

Best Picture Awards
(By clicking on the header you will see it in a PowerPoint File)

We received beautiful pictures (see slide show above) from Stefanie Geisler, Ruslan Stanika (both group of Gerald Obermair), and  Mehmet Mahsum Kaplan (group of group of Bernhard Flucher). Please watch out in ANA News when we open the call for our next best picture award! We honor not only photomicrographs but also graphical abstracts.

Upcoming events

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