PhD Program Neuroscience

Modern neuroscience is a multi-disciplinary field that includes biochemistry, molecular neurobiology, cellular neurobiology, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neuroanatomy, neuropathology, neuroimmunology, clinical neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry and neurology. The aim of the neuroscience program is to educate students to PhD level using a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach preparing them for a successful scientific career within the field of neuroscience in academia and/or industry. Besides laboratory based research work under the supervision of faculty members, this program also provides the theoretical backbone of modern neuroscience via lecture courses and practical courses including the very latest cutting edge findings and techniques. If you are interested in this exciting field of research please search the list of participating research groups and get directly in contact with the faculty members to apply for open positions.

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         VDS CoBeNe

The VDS CoBeNe is one of four Doctoral Schools at the University of Vienna established in March 2016. It aims to foster interdisciplinary interactions between research groups in cognitive-, behavioural- and neurosciences at University of Vienna through a coordinated, structured and internationally recognized PhD education.

The mission of the VDS CoBeNe is to enhance academic and professional development of PhD candidates, to advance intellectual communication and scholarship across disciplines and to promote cultural diversity, scientific integrity and international collaboration.